Image of a flat tire, a lug wrench and a jack

DIY Flat Tire Changing Tips

How to change the flat tire in your Toyota?

As a car owner or driver, you should learn how to change the flat tire in your Toyota vehicle. Lum’s Toyota in Warrenton, OR brings to you an easy DIY towards changing the flat tire in your Toyota. Continue reading for more information.

Steps to change a flat tire

Step 1: Park your car and engage the emergency parking brake. We do not want the car to roll away when we get it off the jack.

Step 2: Pop the trunk and locate the spare tire and the tool kit from under the trunk cover.

Step 3: Unscrew the jack and the spare tire in a counterclockwise motion and slowly roll the spare tire towards the side of the flat tire.

Step 4: Slightly loosen the nuts using the lug wrench. Use the jack to raise the car. The jack should be placed in the correct notch under the car for safety reasons.

Image of a person using a jack to raise the vehicle

Step 5: Raise until the tire just lifts the ground, then loosen the nuts all the way and slowly roll the tire away.

Step 6: Place the spare tire in position and tighten the lug nuts. Lower the jack till the tire hits the ground.

Step 7: Ensure the lug nuts are tight. Check whether the air pressure in the tire is correct and then replace the flat tire, jack, and the tools under the trunk cover.

Image of a person using a lug wrench to tighten/loosen the nuts in the tire

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Follow these steps to change the flat tire in your Toyota and never again find yourself stranded on the road with a flat tire and no help. Follow up these steps with a quick visit to the nearest service center for a quick check-up of your car.

At Lum’s Toyota, you can schedule a service at our service center in Warrenton, OR, and ensure the safety of your vehicle and your tire at our dedicated tire center. Drive into Lum’s Toyota or contact us for more information and assistance.