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How to know when to replace my tires?

Tips to Identify when to Replace your Tires 

Are you wondering if it’s time to change your tires? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Lums Toyota in Warrenton, OR, brings you some effortless tips to identify when to replace your tires and save yourself from further expenses. Continue reading for more information.

Are my tires worn out?  

It is extremely easy to find out if your tires are worn out and require replacement. You can look out for the obvious markers like blisters, bulges, and cracks on your tire. Also, keep the manufacturing date of the tire in mind and change your tires every six to ten years.  

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Another way to find out if the tires need to be replaced is to check the tread depth of the tire. You can use a quarter to determine this by placing the quarter in the tread depth of the tire. If you can see the President’s head, then change your tires immediately. According to the recommended standards, the tires should maintain a 12/32” tread depth and anything below that level is an indication to immediately replace your tires.  

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Tire wear can cause various problems for your vehicle and lead to unprecedented accidents if not replaced in a timely manner.  

Check out the tire center at Lums Toyota in Warrenton, OR, and schedule a service for your car at our service center. You can also browse through our inventory for a look at the wide range of vehicles we have on sale and pick the car that suits you best. Feel free to reach out to the dealership for further information and assistance.