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Lum Family

David Lum
Julie Lum
Parts Manager
Let me introduce you to Julie! She brings energy to her team everyday and we love her for it. She graduated from Astoria High School and OSU (GO BEAVERS). When not at work she is spending time with her husband and two kids...on their mini farm. Yes, she is proud of her fresh chicken eggs and garden. Julie enjoys shooting clay pigeons with her son and camping in the Summer. Bucket List: Move to Maui, live in a tropical hut and feel sand between her toes. Mahalo Julie for the many smiles!
Lori Lum
General Manager
Lori has been at Lum's Auto Center for over 20 years. In the past she worked for Toyota Financial Services. She enjoys clam digging and hiking with her husband and 4 children. GO DUCKS!
Pam Lum
Marketing Manager
After nearly 20 year banking career in Portland, Pam is thrilled to return to the beach to work in the family business, spend time with her nieces and nephews and renew long time friendships! She loves Lum's commitment to community, and its focus on children, education health and wellness. When she's not volunteering in the community, she is enjoying the beach and pursuing another hole in one. Welcome home Pam!


George Kurns
New Car Sales Manager
Meet the one and only George! He has graced his presence with Team Lum's for over 28 years! Everyone loves him for his energy, humor and mentoring. When George isn't working he is spending time with his beautiful wife Darla, kids and spoiling his grandchildren. He loves fishing, hunting, riding dirt bikes, cruising in his 68 Camaro and entertaining friends with an awesome BBQ. Fun Fact: George always has the best leftovers for lunch. His family makes cooking dinner a celebration of quality time. I'm sure he has broken out a mean sprinkler dance move while cooking his famous spaghetti too! Thanks George for making work fun! (503) 298-2209
Peter Blodgett
Used Car Sales Manager
Introducing Peter, when not keeping the sales department striving for greatness, Peter is spending time with his beautiful wife, son, and FIVE daughters! He loves attending his kids sporting events, and 4-H activities before coming home to a warm campfire. You can find Peter, and his family enjoying many of the local establishments for dinner after a stroll on the beach. When asking Peter what's on his bucket list..."travel, travel, and more travel". Sales Team Advise: Do NOT leave Taco Bell evidence in Peter's garbage on his days off. Just sayn'. (503) 440-5104
Robert Burk
Internet Sales Manager
Big Welcome to our new team member Robert! When not at work, Robert loves to spend time with his lovely wife, and two sons, doing everything from sports, to exploring the great outdoors. Fun Facts; Robert is a ginger (under that shaved head), his favorite holiday is the 4th of July, he graduated from Seaside High School in 1989, and dreams of a vacation to Thailand. Robert had spent over 17 years of his life in Law Enforcement, and is a valued pillar of our community, come by Lum's and give thanks for his service.
Orvis Odegard
Sales Associate
Let me introduce you to Orvis! He is one special guy that we just love. Orvis has a lovely wife of 52 years, four daughters and seven grandchildren. He has been in the car industry since 1963...and he still owns his farm in North Dakota! When Orvis isn't helping his customers, you can find him working on his yard, snowmobiling and spending time with family. Fun Facts: Date night with his wife is a great movie and steak dinner. He just got back from the the coolest cat when sporting his fedora and sunglasses at the dealership! (503) 440-3074
Ken Kirby
Sales Associate
Ken has been with Lum's Auto Center for 23 years. Ken is married and has six kids..well four of them are Welsh Corgi's. Ken is a very talented musician and also speaks Japanese. Ken enjoys bicycling in cycle Oregon. Part of Ken's bucket list, he wants to jump out of an airplane, don't forget the parachute.
Bill Graffius
Sales Associate
Bill has the best stories in the dealership! He is always willing to share. Bill is married to his beautiful wife Bev, has four children and four grandchildren. Family is everything. When he's not charming us at work, you can find him fly fishing, gardening, writing poetry and enjoying his favorite food sushi with a cold beer. Fun Facts: Bill did a hole in one at the Highlands golf club in Gearhart. He can trace his ancestry back to 1740s - Saxony. READY for this one...he traveled the states hobo train hopping by choice! (503) 440-0482
Frank Pellham
Sales Associate
Let me introduce you to Frank! He is one character we can't imagine not having on the team. When Frank isn't helping his customers he enjoys spending time with his family. He recently built a huge shop to do woodwork and this man can build! Frank also has 31 fruit trees, 20 blueberry plants and a HUGE garden (we continue to hope for fresh goodies this Summer). He also loves to hunt and fish in the great Northwest. When asking what his favorite holiday is...he said, "just another day". Thanks Frank for over ten years of being on the team and entertaining us with being a man of little words. You Rock! (503) 338-9826
Brad Cloe
Sales Associate
Let me introduce you to Brad! If Brad isn't helping our awesome customers he is making his rounds in the dealership. This guys is always eager to make people laugh and smile. Outside of work you can find Brad spending time with his family: Football, camping and restoring his wife's 65' Mustang. He also loves to drive his tractor on his beautiful land. His bucket list includes earning his pilot license, learning to play the piano and travel to Scotland for the best scotch ever! If you see him ask him about his Seahawk truck...did I mention he loves football?
Jon Fick
Sales Associate
Meet Jon Fick. Jon grew up in Clatsop County and enjoys the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and riding his off road motorcycle. Jon is very helpful, and always willing to lend a hand when needed. Jon has proven himself to be an asset to the Lum's Auto Center Team. Jon someday would like to travel around Europe.
Chandra Whitaker
Sale Associate
Chandra is the newest addition to the Lum's Auto Center sales team. She loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, and spending time on the beach. In Chandra's spare time she is a photographer and enjoying photographing family photos and weddings. Chandra's favorite food is Thai. Someday she dreams to vacation in Italy.
Harold Gramson
Sales Associate
Cord Chase
Sales Associate
Introducing Cord, Cord is a Oregon coast native. He enjoys living here because of the beautiful scenery and the small town feel. He said he's a "country boy though and though." Cord enjoys hunting, fishing, and in the winter time snow boarding. Cord's favorite football team is the Seahawks. Go Seahawks!!!!!!
Chris Corcoran
Sales Associate
Chris is the newest member to the Lum's Auto Center sales team. Chris grew up in the heart of the redwoods in Northern California. In his spare time you can catch him fishing on the river, or up in the back country hiking or backpacking. Most of all Chris enjoys spending time with his family.
Jason Devine
Lot Porter
Meet Jason also known as JD is one busy guy. Jason is proud to say has a 19 year old son who is currently a fighter pilot in the Navy. JD loves pizza and on his off time loves camping. Jason enjoys collecting antique firearms.
Richie Andrews Jr.
Lot Porter
Meet Richie one of our busy Lot Porters. Richie moved to Oregon from California. Richie enjoy's the Pacific Northwest for it's beaches, tree's, and greenness. Richie is the father of a 5 year old boy. On Richie's off time he loves to spend time with his son and girlfriend watching any superhero movie. Richies dream vacation would be going to Italy, Rome, Egypt, taking in the architecture and beauty. Richie really loves his job at Lum's for the great people and environment. "They treat customers and employees with care."
Tyler Whitaker
Lot Porter
Introducing Tyler. On Tyler's days off you can find him either Hiking, Surfing, participating recreational sports. In the winter season you can find him on the mountain snowboarding. Tyler say's he loves the Oregon Coast because there is so much to do from going outside being active to just sitting and relaxing in one of the local coffee shops. Tyler's favorite food is anything Mexican or breakfast.


Shari Poplin
Finance Specialist
Meet our amazing Shari! She loves the Oregon Coast for its cool rocky cliffs, fun tide pools and beautiful beaches. Hiking with her family always in favor! Her first car was a 1966 Dodge Polaris which she wishes she still had. Her favorite music is progressive psychobilly folk grass, what she calls foot stomping music. Shari started at Lum's as a Title Clerk, moved to Sales, and now is a Finance Specialist. Lum's is proud to have Shari as part of the team!
Michele Hoagland
Finance Specialist
Introducing Michele. She is one of our finance super stars. A Clatsop County native, in her off time she enjoys traveling to warm and sunny places and playing golf.
Mike White
Finance Specialist
Meet Super Duper Mike! He is one calm and collective guy who helps customers finance their dreams rides. Mike has a lovely wife and son that love the great outdoors, including GOLF! They also love to travel to Florida and Hawaii to visit family (nice connections Mike). You can find Mike enjoying pizza at a local pub or fine dinning in Cannon Beach. FYI: When our awesome customers bring goodies you can bet Mike will do a taste test. Thank you Mike for your many years at Lum's!
Christina Dorning
Finance Specialist
Meet the amazing Christina. Christina is a Clatsop County native, married, and has three wonderful kids which keep her very busy. As a family they enjoy camping, riding ATV's and playing board games. Facts about Christina, she has over 50 board games, and more than 100 pairs of shoes...WOW! Christina's dream vacation would be to travel to Iceland.


Nate Whisnant
Service Manager
Introducing Nate our super duper Service Manager! You will never see him slow down and always putting our customers first. Nate graduated from Astoria High school and loves spending time with his lovely wife and daughter. He is a huge sports fan, cheering on the Seahawks and participating in our community baseball leagues. Dream vacation..."Australia so he can put another shrimp on the barbie" and his addiction..."drinking Red Bull". Thanks Nate for all your hard work and laughs!
Andy Harms
Assistant Service Manager
Andy one cool and calm member on Team Lum's and we love him for it! Andy enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, daughter and newborn son! He drives a mean looking green Tundra that matches his passion for the Oregon DUCKS and favorite holiday St. Patrick's Day. Yes, a cold beer is always welcome. His dream vacation would be an awesome road trip with family across country. FYI: If the Zombie Apocalypse happens find Andy. He's your man to survive with an ax in hand!
Christian Ortiz
Service Advisor
Christian wins for best dressed and smile at our dealership! This guy is always happy and it is contagious. When Christian isn't working he is looking for an adventure: Drag racing at PIR, soccer, weekend getaway with family and clubbing with his awesome girlfriend. He graduated from Seaside High school and Clatsop Community College. Christian is planning a vacation to Universal Studios and makes the best Caldo 7 Mariscos EVER. What is that? Stop in the Service Department and ask this friendly guy!
Daniel Crawford
Service Advisor
Introducing Dan, he recently moved to the coast from Hillsboro. Dan decided it was time to relocate to the beach so he can enjoy life. On his off time Dan enjoys good music, cars, and bonfires on the beach at sunset. Dan has two sons, and they enjoy hiking, watch movies and play sports together. Dan has owned up to 7 Toyota Celica's in his life, and is a fan of the Toyota product. Dan says "I am looking forward to working for Lum's Auto Center, and becoming part of the team."
Randy Hollaway
Master Technician
Meet Randy he is a long time and valued part of the Lum's Auto Center family for 27 years WOW! During his time at Lum's he has achieved the ranking of Master Toyota and Mopar Technician. When his tummy's growling after a hard days work, Randy loves Mexican and Italian food. Someday Randy would like to learn how to fly. Sky's the limit.
Donnie Lindholm
Master Technician
Donnie is always there to bring smiles to Lum's! He is one amazing Master Technician and team player. Donnie spends time with his wife and two kids when not turning a wrench at the dealership. They travel to Disneyland and Disney World on a regular basis. However, ask Donnie about Goofy. They are no longer pals! Fun Facts: Donnie's favorite holiday would be St. Patricks Day and Halloween wrapped together. Both his wife and him make the best desserts ever. Camping is a lifestyle. Last but not least...if you can't find Donnie look for the nearest coffee pot!
Zack Whitsett
Master Technician
Meet Zack, this quite guy can be found turning a wrench on vehicles here at Lum's. Like Zack isn't busy enough he enjoys work on his farm with his wife and four kids. To keep his energy up Zack loves any food that is homemade.
David Ferraro
Automotive Technician
David started is mechanic career working on European vehicles and is working hard to be come a Chrysler and Toyota Master Technician. On his off time David enjoys playing softball. He said he loves to eat, everything but seafood, and finds is funny living here on the coast. Someday David would love to go to South American and travel around.
Nick Brown
Express Lube Service Advisor
Meet Nick. Nick is a vital part of the Lum's Auto Center team. His hard work and dedication paid off and was recently promoted from Technician to Service Advisor. Nick served in the US Army so stop by and thank him for his service. On his off time Nick enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his family. Nick is a lucky man, he has an awesome wife who brings him lunch daily.
Nick Eastman
Express Lube Technician
Meet Nick Eastman. Nick is one of our top notch express maintenance tech's and he is working toward someday becoming a certified Mopar and Toyota Master Technician. Nick enjoys working on his own car, and spending time with friends.
Marcus Goundie
Express Lube Technician
Meet Marcus. Marcus is a valuable team member on the express maintenance team, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Marcus is an expecting father and is super excited. Marcus enjoys hiking,spending time outdoors, and chasing a rare on Pokemon go. Marcus favorite food is pizza
Russ Juan
Express Lube Technician
Introducing Russ. He is originally from Hawaii, and has 10 siblings..WOW. Russ just moved to the North Coast with his family. He enjoys spending time with his family and barbecuing.
Tanner Robinson
Express Lube Technician
Tanner is one of our newest technicians in Express Maintenance. 12 years ago Tanner learned how to play trombone in school, and when he has the time he continues to still play it. Tanner enjoys playing baseball will make a good addition to Lum's softball team. Tanners first car was a 1995 Gold Saturn. He said "it wasn't the worlds greatest car, but it got me from one place to another just fine."
Sean Duncan
Express Lube Technician
Meet Sean who works as an Express Lube Technician. In his off time he loves handmade knives, and sell them. He enjoys outdoor activities such as riding his four wheeler, hunting, and fishing. Sean hold multiple ASE certifications and someday would like to open his own auto shop specializing in custom off road vehicles.
Zachary Clayton
Express Lube Technician
Meet Zach. Zach is the oldest of 8 children. He loves to tinker with cars, and electronics. If Zach was to go on a vacation it would be to Russia. His favorite foods are pizza but most of all his mom's cooking. A couple things he loves about the Oregon Coast is the view of the Pacific Ocean, and waking up and seeing Elk. Zach has aspirations of becoming a mechanic or installing sound systems.
Devin Stevens
Express Lube Technician
Welcome Devin the newest addition to our Express Lube Team. He Recently moved back with his beautiful daughter, and does everything for her. Devin enjoys living at the coast because the ocean calms him. His hobbies consists of anything outdoors, hiking, fishing and surfing. He also enjoys working on his truck. One other reason he loves living here is because he loves eating seafood. If Devin was to go in a dream vacation it would be anywhere outside the United States, and outside of the North American Continent.
Valiant Leffel
Facility Maintenance Manager
Introducing Val, he is one hard working cookie. Originally from Alaska Val moved to the North Coast. On his off time he enjoys watching the Cubs play baseball, and go fishing. His first car was a Plymouth Fury. Val would some day love to travel to Africa.
Meranda Godwin
Express Maintenance
Meet Meranda she graduated from Knappa High School. Meranda enjoys knitting and driving around. Every Sunday you can catch her rooting for my favorite team, the Seattle Seahawks! Her first car was a green Ford Escort 1997, it was a good little car minus the defrost not working. Mernada has lived on the Oregon Coast all of her life. The reason she enjoys it is because it don't matter if it's raining or stormy, or the Sun's out, it's still beautiful out every single day.


Jim Engel
Parts Counter
Introducing the newest member to the Part Department Jim. Jim grew up in Chinook Washington and graduated Ilwaco High School. Jim studied industrial mechanics at Clatsop Community College for 2 years. On his off time he enjoys spending time restoring vintage mini bikes, and woodworking projects. Jim and his wife re purpose old furniture, building materials and pallet wood making home decor and shabby chic items. Spending time with friends and family fills the rest of his downtime.
Richard Gauthier
Wholesale Parts Counter
Meet Richie. He has been on Team Lum's for 30 years! Whoop Whoop! Richie enjoys spending time with his sweet wife Imelda. They love evening walks, fine dinning on delicious spaghetti, and catching the latest Yankee game (shhhh...Richie prefers to keep it on the down low when they are losing). His dream vacation is to sip Ouzo on a Greek beach and take in the culture. Send us a postcard Richie we already miss you!
Dan Gentry
Retail Parts
Introducing Dan the Man! He knows his parts and not ashamed to share his many years of experience. Dan loves to spend time with family and friends over a delicious burger and cold beer. His sneaky humor always keeps Team Lum’s on their toes. Fun Facts: Dan’s bucket list is to learn how to cook gourmet Chinese’s, get a tattoo of his families Irish Crest and learn to surf. Hang Ten Dan!
Steve Law
Parts Counter
Steve is one in a million and we love him for it! This guy always makes people laugh and is a huge team player. Steve enjoys spending time with his wife of twenty fours yrs and six kids. He will be getting his Dad's 1927 Model T soon and plans on many Sunday drives along the coast. Steve's favorite Holiday is 4th of July..."so he can blow stuff up". He loves to play pool while trying a new IPA and believes his Mom has the best Mostacholi on Earth! Say hi to Steve next time you visit the Parts Department. He would love it!


Marcie Falleur
Office Manager
Meet our fabulous Office Manager Marcie! She likes long walks in her pastures with her adorable chocolate lab Lanie. YES, this lady has cows...many. She loves the outdoors and spending time with her family. Marcie graduated from Seaside High School and OSU. GO BEAVERS! Marcie loves to cook, bowl with her league and is a proud owner of a New Tacoma! Big thanks to Marcie for helping all the staff over the years! We love you!
Jordan Thoreson
Accounts Payable/Receivable
Jordan has been on Team Lum's for over four years! She is always the first to help and the last to leave. Hint: Employee of the Quarter! Jordan graduated from Astoria High School and has been local her entire life. She is full of love and smiles when talking about her family and future goals. Jordan also has the best snake eye at the dealership. If you make contact she means business. We love you Jordan!
Kay Norback
Receptionist/Car Rental Advisor
Meet Kaye! She is the most warmhearted and spirited lady! She is always the first to greet customers with a smile and can share incredible life stories. Kaye is originally from the Last Frontier - Alaska - with her two daughters. This lady did everything from fishing snowmobiling and cutting/packaging her own moose! She plays many musical instruments, loves working in her garden, cooking and fantasizing of a dream vacation in Greece! Kaye's favorite food is pizza and when asked what her dream job would be - a tour guide in Egypt!
Rachael Peitsch
Front Desk/ Rental Representative
Rachael is new to the Lum's Team. Rachael is married and has two four legged kids (dogs) their names are Riddick and Bristol. She grew up locally and is a graduate from Warrenton High School. Rachael's first car was a 93 Corolla. Some day Rachael would love to travel to Europe, Iceland and Ireland. Welcome Rachael !!!!!!
Cari Knapp
Front Desk/ Rental Representative
Introducing Cari, this animal loving outgoing energetic individual will always have a smile on her face. Cari loves to hanging out with her friends and family. In her spare time she is either working on her blog, or at the gym. She loves to eat anything between a protein shake or pizza. If Cari could travel anywhere in the world it would be Santorini Greece. Cari is known to find a silver lining in any situation, making her awesome at what she does!
Raquel Erdman
Title Clerk
Meet Team Lum's Title Clerk. Originally from Minnesota, Raquel moved to Oregon because she likes the beauty of the state and all of its outdoor activities. Raquel has two teenage boys she is very proud of they keep her on the go. Some day Raquel dreams of retiring, purchasing an RV, and traveling the US to find the best hamburger!