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Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Nitrogen Filled Tires at Lum's Toyota Near Cannon Beach, OR 97110

When you hit the open road you want to make sure your wheels are at the best they could possibly be. You could just fill your tires with air like you always have. If you want to maximize the life of your tires and give yourself that little bit of extra performance you could try using Nitrogen instead. Filling your tires with nitrogen is a proven and safety tested way to give you some better gas mileage and increase the lifespan of your tires. Come by Lum's Toyota near Cannon Beach, OR 97110 and learn more about what the latest technology can do for your driving experience in your Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.

By using less or no oxygen in your tires they run at cooler temperatures. This reduces the amount of wear and gives you a little more performance at high speeds (100% nitrogen filled tires are used in almost all racing tires). It can also keep your pressure up for longer periods which helps in the lifespan of your tires. It's just a few dollars more than filling them with air. In this economy putting nitrogen in your tires pays for itself. Let the Lum's Toyota near Cannon Beach, OR team take your tires to the next level and save you money in the long run.

There is a lot of information about nitrogen in tires. Some people think it's a miracle worker, while others don't see an improvement. When you bring your car by Lum's Toyota near Cannon Beach, OR 97110, our Service Department will make sure you have all the information you need to make a decision about whether or not your tires can handle a nitrogen fill. Putting nitrogen in your tires isn't a decision you should take lightly and we want you to make the best decision for you.

Your Toyota RAV4 Hybrid tires are important, and the Lum's Toyota service team will make sure you only get quality air for your tires. It doesn't matter if you choose air or nitrogen in your tires, you'll get exactly what you ask for and get it in the highest quality. The Lum's Toyota service team has everything you need to make sure your tires are safe and running at their best.

Ultimately the choice is yours when it comes to what goes in your tires. Nitrogen filled tires could add some performance and life to your tires. You might notice a difference next time you drive down the highway. The best way to find out is to contact us today or bring your car by Lum's Toyota near Cannon Beach, OR 97110 and see what we can do for your Toyota RAV4 Hybrid tires.

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Nate Whisnant
Service Manager
Introducing Nate our super duper Service Manager! You will never see him slow down and always putting our customers first. Nate graduated from Astoria High school and loves spending time with his lovely wife and daughter. He is a huge sports fan, cheering on the Seahawks and participating in our community baseball leagues. Dream vacation..."Australia so he can put another shrimp on the barbie" and his addiction..."drinking Red Bull". Thanks Nate for all your hard work and laughs!
Andy Harms
Assistant Service Manager
Andy one cool and calm member on Team Lum's and we love him for it! Andy enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, daughter and newborn son! He drives a mean looking green Tundra that matches his passion for the Oregon DUCKS and favorite holiday St. Patrick's Day. Yes, a cold beer is always welcome. His dream vacation would be an awesome road trip with family across country. FYI: If the Zombie Apocalypse happens find Andy. He's your man to survive with an ax in hand!
Christian Ortiz
Service Advisor
Christian wins for best dressed and smile at our dealership! This guy is always happy and it is contagious. When Christian isn't working he is looking for an adventure: Drag racing at PIR, soccer, weekend getaway with family and clubbing with his awesome girlfriend. He graduated from Seaside High school and Clatsop Community College. Christian is planning a vacation to Universal Studios and makes the best Caldo 7 Mariscos EVER. What is that? Stop in the Service Department and ask this friendly guy!
Daniel Crawford
Service Advisor
Introducing Dan, he recently moved to the coast from Hillsboro. Dan decided it was time to relocate to the beach so he can enjoy life. On his off time Dan enjoys good music, cars, and bonfires on the beach at sunset. Dan has two sons, and they enjoy hiking, watch movies and play sports together. Dan has owned up to 7 Toyota Celica's in his life, and is a fan of the Toyota product. Dan says "I am looking forward to working for Lum's Auto Center, and becoming part of the team."
Andy Adams
Service Coordinator
Andy is one awesome team member who is always willing to help out with a smile on his face. When not at Lum's, Andy, his wife Kizzie, and lab Russell, are tearing up the great outdoors, participating in city league sports, and volunteering with the Chinook Indian Nation. Some fun facts about Andy are, he graduated from Knappa High School, takes fly tying very serious, is a professional breakfast cook, and looks forward to a road trip across the states with his beautiful family. Big thanks to Andy for all is hard work and enthusiasm!
Randy Hollaway
Master Technician
Meet Randy he is a long time and valued part of the Lum's Auto Center family for 27 years WOW! During his time at Lum's he has achieved the ranking of Master Toyota and Mopar Technician. When his tummy's growling after a hard days work, Randy loves Mexican and Italian food. Someday Randy would like to learn how to fly. Sky's the limit.
Donnie Lindholm
Master Technician
Donnie is always there to bring smiles to Lum's! He is one amazing Master Technician and team player. Donnie spends time with his wife and two kids when not turning a wrench at the dealership. They travel to Disneyland and Disney World on a regular basis. However, ask Donnie about Goofy. They are no longer pals! Fun Facts: Donnie's favorite holiday would be St. Patricks Day and Halloween wrapped together. Both his wife and him make the best desserts ever. Camping is a lifestyle. Last but not least...if you can't find Donnie look for the nearest coffee pot!
Zack Whitsett
Master Technician
Meet Zack, this quite guy can be found turning a wrench on vehicles here at Lum's. Like Zack isn't busy enough he enjoys work on his farm with his wife and four kids. To keep his energy up Zack loves any food that is homemade.
David Ferraro
Automotive Technician
David started is mechanic career working on European vehicles and is working hard to be come a Chrysler and Toyota Master Technician. On his off time David enjoys playing softball. He said he loves to eat, everything but seafood, and finds is funny living here on the coast. Someday David would love to go to South American and travel around.
Nick Brown
Express Lube Service Advisor
Meet Nick. Nick is a vital part of the Lum's Auto Center team. His hard work and dedication paid off and was recently promoted from Technician to Service Advisor. Nick served in the US Army so stop by and thank him for his service. On his off time Nick enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his family. Nick is a lucky man, he has an awesome wife who brings him lunch daily.
Nick Eastman
Express Lube Technician
Meet Nick Eastman. Nick is one of our top notch express maintenance tech's and he is working toward someday becoming a certified Mopar and Toyota Master Technician. Nick enjoys working on his own car, and spending time with friends.
Marcus Goundie
Express Lube Technician
Meet Marcus. Marcus is a valuable team member on the express maintenance team, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Marcus is an expecting father and is super excited. Marcus enjoys hiking,spending time outdoors, and chasing a rare on Pokemon go. Marcus favorite food is pizza
Russ Juan
Express Lube Technician
Introducing Russ. He is originally from Hawaii, and has 10 siblings..WOW. Russ just moved to the North Coast with his family. He enjoys spending time with his family and barbecuing.
Tanner Robinson
Express Lube Technician
Tanner is one of our newest technicians in Express Maintenance. 12 years ago Tanner learned how to play trombone in school, and when he has the time he continues to still play it. Tanner enjoys playing baseball will make a good addition to Lum's softball team. Tanners first car was a 1995 Gold Saturn. He said "it wasn't the worlds greatest car, but it got me from one place to another just fine."
Sean Duncan
Express Lube Technician
Meet Sean who works as an Express Lube Technician. In his off time he loves handmade knives, and sell them. He enjoys outdoor activities such as riding his four wheeler, hunting, and fishing. Sean hold multiple ASE certifications and someday would like to open his own auto shop specializing in custom off road vehicles.
Zachary Clayton
Express Lube Technician
Meet Zach. Zach is the oldest of 8 children. He loves to tinker with cars, and electronics. If Zach was to go on a vacation it would be to Russia. His favorite foods are pizza but most of all his mom's cooking. A couple things he loves about the Oregon Coast is the view of the Pacific Ocean, and waking up and seeing Elk. Zach has aspirations of becoming a mechanic or installing sound systems.
Devin Stevens
Express Lube Technician
Welcome Devin the newest addition to our Express Lube Team. He Recently moved back with his beautiful daughter, and does everything for her. Devin enjoys living at the coast because the ocean calms him. His hobbies consists of anything outdoors, hiking, fishing and surfing. He also enjoys working on his truck. One other reason he loves living here is because he loves eating seafood. If Devin was to go in a dream vacation it would be anywhere outside the United States, and outside of the North American Continent.
Valiant Leffel
Facility Maintenance Manager
Introducing Val, he is one hard working cookie. Originally from Alaska Val moved to the North Coast. On his off time he enjoys watching the Cubs play baseball, and go fishing. His first car was a Plymouth Fury. Val would some day love to travel to Africa.